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  • Quest Awakening of Melior Review

    In my 70th review, I share my thoughts on the single-player game Quest: Awakening of Melior from Silent Se7en Games. 

  • Monster Dice Review

    In episode 69 I take a look at a game set called Monster Dice, by Brian Edwards. Monster Dice comes with carved dice which look like monsters, and candy cards.

  • Dia de los Muertos Review

    In episode 68 I take a look at the trick-taking game Dia de los Muertos by Jolly Roger Games and UltraPRO. Two thumbs up from me!

  • Four Towers Review

    In episode 67, we push clans of peasants to become lords and demons in the 2-4 player game Four Towers: A Journey of Lords and Demons. 

  • Movable Type Review

    In episode 66 we draft letters in hopes of spelling the most valuable word each round in the 2-4 player game, Movable Type, by Robin David.