About Me

Thanks for visiting my About section! I’m guessing if you’re here, you’re wondering a little bit about who I am, and what I do.

I write and record reviews as well as learn-to-play videos of board games on this page as well as for The Indie Game Report. Some products are sent to me to review, others I just choose to share with the public. For information about how to have your game reviewed or an learn-to-play video made, please see my Contact Me page.

I’ve been involved in the board game community for a while now in different aspects. I’ve worked at a comic shop, I’ve volunteered as a play tester for games in prototype stage, and of course, I’ve played tons of games myself. You can see my collection of board games here: Cassie Elle’s BoardGameGeek

My personal life is very colorful. I have three cats with my husband. We had a delightful Harry Potter wedding, letting our true nerdom shine through.

I speak Spanish, American Sign Language, and I can read Hebrew, and sometimes know what I’m reading, but mostly all I can say is “איפה השירותים?” I am also currently learning Dutch and Korean.

I used to take classes on Hawaiian dancing.

I am a fan of Harry Potter, Star Trek (TNG and DS9), Doctor Who, Supernatural, Comedy Bang Bang, Parks and Recreation, Merlin, 30 Rock, Party Down, and so much more.

Thank you for reading!