Available Services

Thank you for your interest in having me help you and your game! I provide four different kinds of services: Development and Project Management, Video Reviews, Video Overviews, and Video Tutorials.

Development and Project Management

I provide services by contract to develop a tabletop design and/or manage a crowdsourcing or marketing project, within the tabletop industry.

Cost: I charge an hourly rate of $20 per hour for services rendered. Quotes available upon request. I am flexible with payment arrangements as well.

Video Reviews

I share my opinion of your game.

Cost: Free, but I request a final production copy if a prototype copy is sent to me. I like to show off the changes between the prototype and the final production copy.

  • I review games which play in 60 minutes or less.
  • I prefer not to review party games or games for families as I don’t have the proper playgroup for these kinds of games.
  • I prefer not to review combat games or CCGs.
  • I will turn down requests for review of games which are not complete mechanic-wise.
  • I do not review print-and-plays which I print myself.
  • Reviews are free and unbiased.
  • I am currently not accepting review requests with a deadline.

Video Overviews

I share your game without opinion.

Cost: $120USD. This I consider advertising, and I am unable to expend my time to provide advertising for free. This is different from a review, in which I provide my free, unbiased opinion.

  • Overview layouts are quite similar to the layout of reviews, however I will not provide my opinion of the game.
  • Overviews are forms of advertising. To create an overview video I charge a flat rate of $120.
  • Overviews will include a brief description of how to play the game, but will not be a detailed, thorough explanation. If you are seeking a product to the likes of a tutorial, I suggest requesting a Learn to Play video.

 Learn to Play/Tutorial

You are interested in hiring me to create a learn-to-play video for your game.

Cost: It varies depending on the complexity of the game. A 30-45 minute game with light mechanics and few components could run $200-300.

  • I quote my Learn to Play services at an hourly rate of $20 an hour.
  • I determine my time quoted by the complexity of the game as well as component count.
  • The average quote is $200-250.
  • If I am sent a prototype copy of the game for the video, I kindly request that a final copy is sent to me upon successful funding and production.
  • I will kindly request you provide high resolution images of the game and components for use within the project.
  • My turn-around time is approximately 1.5 months from the date of game arrival.
  • Rush projects are available upon request at an additional cost, dependent upon the time constraint and game specifics.
  • I will keep you updated as your video is progressing, as well as any rule questions I encounter. I request consistent communication in return!


I offer a special discounted rate for those new to the board game industry, seeking a high quality tutorial or overview for their game! If this applies to you, please let me know in your request submission!

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