Cabooses in the Corner

We have been nothing but impressed with Cassie Elle! Her work is impeccable. We truly appreciate her attention to detail and communication throughout the process. We didn’t have any expectations going in but she has certainly set the bar high for future endeavors. Thanks for producing quality videos, we look forward to working with you again.” Erik Mantsch, designer of Cabooses in the Corner

Groves and The Neverland Rescue

“I have had the opportunity to work with Cassie on multiple projects and she has been fantastic to work with. She has an amazing turn around time and a high level of professionalism. I love how she always sends learn to play scripts to me before filming to ensure her content is accurate. I cannot recommend her enough and plan to use her services for all future projects as well!” Dan Letzring, Letiman Games

Tricky Tides

“Working with Cassie was everything you could hope for. Professionalism, quality production, accurate and succint presentation, fair pricing, and a more than reasonable timeline. A+ all around.” Andrew Smith, Gold Seal Games

Stellar Leap and Fire in the Library Solitaire

“Cassie is so very passionate about teaching others how to play games and also making sure everything about the video is correct and easy to understand. She puts in a lot of effort and I feel her videos are very unique in that her amazing personality and love of games shines through. Cassie does a truly fantastic job and I’ll always link to her videos in my rules, as I know her videos will help others learn how to play the game.” Carla Kopp, Weird Giraffe Games

Ancient Artifacts

“Cassie Elle has been absolutely great to work with. She was patient with my questions and rules changes, thorough in her understanding and teaching of the game, and completely professional. The excellent quality of her work speaks for itself. I am certain my Kickstarter campaign would not have been nearly as successful without her wonderful video.” Derik Duley, Lagniappe Games

Starving Artists

“Starving Artists really needed a well-done learn to play video, and Cassie hit it out of the ballpark. She deftly covered a whole bunch of things in a well-produced and thoughtful video. She managed to cover not only the basics of the game, but also addressed the optional rules and two different variants. She has a knack for games and videos and I would definitely recommend her to anyone in search of a professional learn to play video.” Mike Wokasch, Fairway 3 Games LLC