If you’re familiar with Parade or Coloretto, you’ll figure out this game quickly. Friday the 13th is an adorable game where everyone starts out with about an equal hand of four types of cards: walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror, seeing a black cat, or Friday the 13th. There are equal number amounts of the first three types of cards, and a handful of Friday the 13th cards, all shuffled out to everyone. The first player plays a card of any of those types, and then it goes to the next player. The players can only have three piles of cards, one of each main type (not Friday the 13th). When a pile reaches a total of 13th points or higher, whichever player caused this pile to go over must take all the cards from the pile, and they will count negatively against this player at the end of the round. You play until you have no more cards. Friday the 13th cards can be played in any pile, but MUST NOT HAVE A PILE OF THEIR OWN. For some reason Iello was hella adamant about this rule, and I quote:

“Each round begins with no card on the table. Friday the 13th cards may be played in any pile. There is no Friday the 13th pile: Do not start a fourth pile for these cards.”

Alright, I got it, Iello. Anyway, you play three rounds of this, and then whoever *basically*  grabbed the fewest amount of cards wins. It’s a little more complicated than that, but the scoring isn’t difficult. My friends and I really enjoyed this game, we played a good two or three rounds of it (we didn’t keep score, that was my fault, sorry :3 ), and had a good time.

I’ve got to give Friday the 13th a good 8/10. I hope they come out with expansions, eventually, with variations of bad omens, or if they did variation games that are bad omens from different cultures and countries. Cute game, I would recommend to beginners and advanced board gamers.

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