My local comic shop, the Dark Side Comics and Games in Sarasota Florida, received in the mail this week the demo copy of Just Desserts by Looney Labs.

Because Looney Labs seems to produce a lot of the same game with slight variations (IE all the Fluxx versions, Seven Dragons, etc.), I expected this game to be really similar to many of their other games. I was happy to learn that this game has a different style of game play.

The box is a standard sized small box with a cardboard insert to hold the entirety of the cards.

It’s hard to tell, but the instruction insert on the left of the photo is larger than the box size, so it came a little crumpled and ripped. I don’t know if it was packaged this way because it’s a demo copy, but if not, I don’t know why they wouldn’t just fold the insert to fit in the box properly and prevent destruction to it.

Anyway, the game begins with two decks, one for desserts and one for guests.

All players start with a hand of three dessert cards, and there are three starting guests out on the table. The dessert cards have icons on them, indicating what type of cravings they will satisfy.

IE the “ice cream cake” card satisfies the “ice cream” craving and the “cake” craving.

The guest cards will also have those same types of icons on them, indicating what cravings they desire to satisfy in order to be won.


IE the “Boston Boy” card is craving cake, pudding, pie, and chocolate icon cards.

On a player’s turn, the first draw a dessert card from the dessert deck, flip a guest card face up on the table, and then do one of the following three actions: Win over up to two guests, draw one more dessert card, or discard their hand of dessert cards and draw up to the same amount as discarded.

If a player chooses to win over a guest, they must play as many cards as they’d like to satisfy the guest’s craving, avoiding disliked flavors.

 For the “Lumberjack” guest, these two cards, while having additional flavors, satisfy the cravings of ice cream and cookie. However, if you notice on the “Lumberjack” card, she has a craving of Ice Cream Cone. If a player has this dessert card and can match it to the guest’s craving, they will also get to draw a card in addition to winning a guest.

The game ends when one player has either won three guests of the same color, or five guests of all different colors.

This is a light game, plays 2-5 players, and can play anywhere between 10-40 minutes, depending upon how many players there are.

This game is scheduled to be released April 10, 2015.

This demo copy will be available at the Dark Side Comics and Games to try out before the release date, and you can come learn to play it on April 11 at the Dark Side for the event International Table Top Day.