Happy holidays everyone! This is the last game of the year I will be sharing with you all, and I think it’s the easiest of the four games that I’ve shared this month. This game plays 3-8 players, lasts about 20 minutes, and is called 12 Days of Christmas by Eagle-Gryphon Games.

The game comes with two sets of cards: the deck, made up of cards numbered 1-12, and the presents, representing points at the end of the game. The goal of the game is to have the most presents at the end of the game. To win presents, a player must be the first player to get rid of their hand in a series. Every time a player gets rid of their hand, they are awarded a present!

To begin, the deck is shuffled and twelve cards are dealt out to each player. The first player starts the game by playing cards out of their hand. Depending on how the first player chooses to play their cards will determine how the round will go. The first player may choose to play their cards in any one of three options:

  1. They may play cards in a row

  1. They may play cards in sets

  1. They may play one card

Once the first player chooses which way they want to play their cards, the rest of the players must play that way for the round. Players may play any number of cards they want, but it must be the same way the first player played cards.

Players must also include a card of lower number than the previously played cards. If a player cannot meet these two requirements, they must pass. The last player standing gets to decide the next way cards are played!

Once a player has run out of cards in their hand to play, they receive a present! All cards are gathered up, shuffled, and dealt back out for a new series. The game plays until all presents have been won. If you want a shorter game, you can remove half of the presents.

Example of game play:

Player 1 chooses to play cards in sets. They play the following:

Player 2 must play cards in a set and they must be lower number than 8. Player 2 plays the following:

Player 3 then chooses to play the following:

Player 1 has no cards lower than 2, so they pass. Same goes for player 2. Player 3 is the last player standing, so they get to choose the way the cards are played the next round.

That’s 12 Days of Christmas! Very fun game! I really enjoy the color scheme of the cards and how they’re in a rainbow fashion. I also like the option to remove gifts from the game so you can reduce the gameplay time. The quality of the cards is great, and I would really only recommend you sleeve them just to make easier your shuffling. If you want to see more about this game you can visit my YouTube channel and watch it by clicking here! Want to read more about Eagle-Gryphon Games? Check out my review of their game King’s Kilt!

See you next year!