Cassie Log July 11 2018: Designs and Events Coming Up

So much is going on and has been going on. I’ve been needing to write down progress towards projects, and not until a good friend of mine, Carla from Weird Giraffe Games, wrote her article up did I think “OKAY CASS time to do the thing.” So here I am, doing the thing, writing up an article about what I’ve been up to in the game industry!


Wizard Shelf

Wizard Shelf is my second prototype design I’ve gotten out on paper and it’s going really well. Currently playtesting some adjustments, taking it one change at a time. It was originally designed for the GenCan’t contest, but I plan to continue working on it post contest. It’s eighteen cards, and players draft these cards into their tableau so like items are adjacent to each other. Players can also work towards completing spells by placing the required items adjacent to each other. Spells provide bonus point objectives as well as the potential for cool abilities!



Bibliophile is a resource management game which has changed a little bit since its first concept. I love games which incorporate the look of books, and while Ex-Libris definitely appeases something I desire in a game about books (and magic because magic is amazing), I feel like I want something more. The experience of seeking out a book, trying to make space at home, rotating your home library to make space for new books, making sure you can afford new books, basically the essence of obtaining and owning books, I want it in a game. So I’ve come up with the beginning of what is my working title, Bibliophile. A resource management game in which you can only fit so many books at home and can only afford so many books. You want to earn the most points by maximizing your resources, but which path will you take? You can purchase new books to add to a collection, you can wait for them to sit around and hopefully make it to the bargain store, and you can visit the library but you’ll have to return the book eventually. Do you have space at home for your books? You can spend money to expand your shelf space, but that will take away time and money from obtaining more books. I’m excited to get going with a prototype for this game because I think it will provide me with the feelings and exciting, struggling and contemplation I experience when I think about acquiring books.


Recycle Pile

I came up with this idea a loonggg time ago after playing TMG’s Flip City. I loved the art and it was my first time playing a game which involved flipping cards to “evolve” them. I really liked the idea and wanted to incorporate it into something, and eventually came up with the idea of recycling. My thoughts are you gather trash and flip them to recycle them into new products, but it may cost energy to do so, and energy creates negative response, so you have to balance your recycling and energy use. Perhaps it will be a resource management game, or maybe hand management? Maybe a little bit of both?


Pagoda Palace

Pagoda Palace began in my mind as something I wanted to see at the end of the game. A beautiful display of pagodas all over the table. How I get there has been the issue. I originally thought this would be a card game in which you stack layers of cards as layers of pagodas, but the more I think on the design the more I think I’d like a tile placing game in which you lay tiles to create a beautiful garden surrounding a pagoda, but there are a lot of garden tile-placing games, so I need to work on exactly how I’ll make this one what I want it to be.


Events and Activities

Dice Tower Con 2018

I attended Dice Tower Con this year for three out of the five days, and it was awesome. I experience anxiety at conventions and was thankful to have found people who understand and accept the anxiety, and are willing to support my decisions when I need to step away or take an hour or two to myself. It was a great experience this year, greater than compared to previous years, and I hope that next year I’ll be able to manage the full five days.

The Cubist Podcast

Speaking of anxiety and conventions, I was recently on an episode of the The Cubist along with Amanda of Heavy Cardboard and our host Kimberly who also runs Granite Game Summit. We discussed our experiences and strategies for getting through conventions and gaming with anxiety and other mental health issues. You can hear the podcast episode here:

The Board Game Workshop

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Chris’s podcast The Board Game Workshop along with Eric from What’s Eric Playing. We discussed what it mean to be a reviewer, how we began our reviewing journeys, and what we would love to see in the industry. You can hear the podcast episode here:


That’s it for now! There are a lot more projects in the works including some collaborations and more focus on the indie side of the tabletop industry, all which make me super happy and excited! I am hoping to attend PAX Unplugged this year and/or Protospiel Madison, but we shall see how the cards are played. 🙂


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