is a bright and lovely game designed by Sarah and Will Reed, with artwork by Derek BaconBen Haskett, and Mark Major, and published by Undine Studios. Oaxaca has been one of my favorite games recently and I have just loved all the new pieces and updated artwork! I am quite excited for this Before and After, a lot of component upgrades occurred between the prototype and production copy. The Kickstarter campaign (which funded at 282% and with 758 backers) had a tier level which was for a beautiful box and player tokens handmade from Oaxaca. Oh I’m so excited to show you this game. Here we are, Before and After: Oaxaca.


The first major change right off the bat is the box art and quality of the box. They are, uh, MUCH different. The art now showcases the artwork found inside the box, and frankly deserves to be the box art, considering just how delightful it is. The box is also now a nice, sturdy box with a solid linen finish, and looks really nice.











And here they are opened up!






One main difference you can see upon opening and examination of the rules is this game now supports solo play! Very exciting addition to the game from the prototype days.







Not only do we now get a solo play player placard, but we have updated placards with score trackers on the back!








Getting into the components, we first have new wooden cubes and meeple stickers! I personally prefer the black cubes, but the wood cubes are just as nice in quality. We also now have a first player token instead of card, and a new token to track the round as well as active Tourist cards.













And for the final component changes we have new dice, and new market craft cards to match! There’s also a new market stack players may use and extra cards for solo play.

















I am TOTALLY in love with the art and component changes! In addition to all the component and art changes, I received a special box and four adorable player tokens for backing at a special level of the Kickstarter campaign. Check out the box and alebrijes! I also backed to get the special mat which houses the different market cards.














I am super stoked about the new components and art and I absolutely adore my alebrijes and wooden box! I keep them on display at my house all the time. I really enjoy playing this game as well. You can see my review of the game here, and if you want to get a copy of Oaxaca for yourself, you can do that by visiting http://undinestudios.com/oaxaca.html


Thanks for reading!

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