Cassie Log September 9 2018: New Designs, Events, and Projects!

In my last Cassie Log, I discussed some upcoming projects and designs I’ve been working on. Some designs have been shelved for now, others have made progress, and there are even some new ones! A few new events and projects I’m partaking in as well!


Wizard Shelf

Exciting news about Wizard Shelf: it has been signed! Wizard Shelf will be going to Kickstarter in 2019 and will be published by Concrete Canoe Games! I’m super duper excited about this. This is my first design to be published and I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. I’m very excited to work with Dan Grek and to see where the game goes! I will share updates as new changes and artwork are applied!

Shelved Games

At the moment I have shelved these games as I am working on a lot of co-designs, and I really want to give them my focus. I still plan to make these games in the future, I am just not sure when!

  • Bibliophile
  • Pagoda Palace
  • Recycle Pile

New Games

All of these designs are co-designs, which is SO EXCITING TO ME! The more I get into design and development, the more I am learning that I really, really enjoy having a partner to work with. Having two gaming brains brings so much more to the table when trying to solve a problem and it also helps to crack open new ideas that were buried and just waiting to be found. I can’t wait to see these games progress and become amazing! All the names for these games are subject to change, but the main theme and idea should remain.

Dice Casters

Dice Casters is a co-design with Dan Letzring of Letiman Games and is currently a roll-and-write game with a bit of dexterity! The idea is you roll dice to cast spells, and depending on their results and where they land will determine what spell is cast. Earn points, master spells, and become the best wizard you can be! I’m extremely excited about this game for a handful of reasons, but mostly because A. the game is about MAGICCCCC, B. the game is a roll-and-write and I have been DYING to make a R&W, and C. I have been friends with Dan for a few years now through The Indie Game Report and I’m excited to work on a design with a fellow TIGR member! This game should be really fun, I can’t wait to perfect it.

The Shifting Forest

The Shifting Forest (a co-design with Daniel Zayas from The Zayas Company) is an asymmetrical time travel forest-building game where you need to collect resources while a “time magnet” pawn moves in front of opponents’ active player areas, then spend those resources when the pawn reaches you. It’s set in the world of Daniel’s first game, When Cutie Met Patootie, and has been just a pleasure to work on! It’s still in rough stages, but I am so excited to crack this game out and polish it up. I’ve wanted to make an asymmetrical game for a while, and now I finally am! I’m also extremely excited about working with Daniel in general. He has been a huge supporter of me and The Indie Game Report in general since the beginning, and it means a lot to me to finally work with him on a project!

Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road is a co-design with both my husband Corey, and Andrew Smith of Gold Seal Games. Andrew has quickly become both an amazing friend and a huge mental asset to me. Between these two men it’s like magical brain powers at work.

Right now the game is in really rough stages, but the idea is you control a unicorn clan, attempting to be the hardest working clan and help rebuild your land, as well as the shattered Rainbow Road, following the terrible Unicorn Wars. It’s currently a worker placement game, but as we work through the theme and attempt to keep the game mechanics thematic, we may change the core worker placement mechanic. Who knows! This is what makes designing so much fun!

Acorn Storers

Acorn Storers is a name I literally just came up with because this game has no name yet! It is a roll-and-write I am working on with Benny Sperling, another TIGR contributor, and is about a chipmunk storing acorns to prepare for winter. Benny offered to help me with an idea I had for a R&W (he is the R&W master) so I did. Before we knew it we had co-designed a game together! It’s at the very beginning of existence, but I think this theme could be adorable! I am not sure how far we’ll take this one, may just end up making it a free R&W, but who knows: it could end up being brilliant and worthy of publication!

Projects & Events

The Board Game Workshop Design Contest

Last Cassie Log I mentioned being a guest on TIGR’s official podcast, The Board Game Workshop, and this time I mention the podcast because Chris Anderson, the host, is ALSO hosting a game design contest, and I am one of many amazing judges! Not that I am amazing. I’m just one of the many judges. Hehe.

The contest ends September 19, 2018. You can learn more about the contest and how to enter by visiting

MFG Cast

The MFG Cast is a board game podcast on which I was guest TWICE! It was a lot of fun both times. Mostly banter, but some discussion of design and review process stuff. I really enjoy being a guest on this show, and look forward to the next time I’ll be on! You can hear both episodes of which I was guest here: my interview episode, and the MFG Cast 200th episode!

Design 75 Challenge

The Design 75 Challenge is both a design contest and a podcast which I will be judging and is hosted by David Abelson of Fisher Heaton Games! The contest is really interesting: Record yourself going from beginning to end of designing a game. The catch is you have 75 minutes to design it, and your recording will be part of a podcast episode! I helped one designer with a little bit of development for a game they designed through this contest, so I think it’s super cool and really can yield fun and exciting results! You can learn more about the design challenge by visiting the Twitter account for the contest here!

The Shuffle Podcast

I’m part of a new podcast magazine! I’m so stoked about this podcast. The Shuffle is a monthly audio magazine in which each episode will consist of a bunch of segments about games and the industry in general. I hold a segment in it called Tabletop: The Industry, in which I share the details and inner workings of different positions within the tabletop industry. The first edition is out already, and in my segment I discuss the position of game developer! I received a lot of information about the position from some really famous and well known designers and developers which was super awesome. You can hear the first edition and learn more about The Shuffle Podcast here!

Ignite Conference 2018

Ignite Conference is a game design web conference, hosted by Board Game Design Lab, which will run from 9 AM to 6 PM EST on September 29. The conference has a lot of big names providing information and I am extremely honored to be speaking among so many amazing members of the community. My topic of discussion will be about working with board game reviewers! You can find out more about the conference and get tickets to attend by visiting!

The Game Crafter

I am currently working in cahoots with The Game Crafter to provide quick overviews of games available on their website! I’m really looking forward to getting this project going, which will hopefully be this week as I launch my first video for Burger Dice! I love independent games, and really, The Game Crafter is a huge asset to the independent designer and publisher community. Does anything make more sense than to talk about the amazing games on TGC? I THINK NOT. Check out the website (as well as the two games I’m discussing for September, Burger Dice, and Bacon, Letters, & Tomatoes) at!


That’s all for now folks, see ya next time with more exciting Cassie news!

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