Tag: 2-4 players

Tricks and Treats by Nazca Games

The story of this game is all the players have returned home from trick-o-treating, and are told by their parents to dump all the candy out and split it evenly amongst all our baskets. Our parents then attempted to secretly assign us all a specific basket, but we are tricky, and have figured out which basket is ours. However, if any of our opponents figure out which basket is ours and calls us out on it, we will lose the game AND ALL OUR CANDY!!

Blokus by Educational Insights

Before I purchased this game I had played Blokus a few times at my Waffle Boat Podcast partner Wayne’s house. I didn’t realize that it was a classic game until I noticed it was in publication by many companies.  Regardless of it’s age, I enjoyed the game very much and had high intentions of purchasing …