Tag: Bluffing

Claim: The Search for the Gold Nugget Review

Now listen here, buck-o. There ain’t enough gold in this here town for the two of us…No, really! In Claim: The Search for the Gold Nugget, players attempt to be the one with the Gold Nugget card in either their hand or Secret Stash, thus winning the game.

Episode 48 Heir to the Pharaoh Review

In episode 48, we time warp back to ancient Egypt to win the affections of Pharaoh in a new game from Eagle Gryphon Games called Heir to the Pharaoh. A very nice two player game that lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. Interested in adding Heir to the Pharaoh to your collection?

Episode 43 Dodgy Dealers Review

In episode 43, we get a little shady in a 2-4 player game called Dodgy Dealers. Players will attempt to be the first to collect four genuine paintings made by their contracted artist. However, players are shopping around in the black market, and not every painting is as real as it seems. Avoid the forged paintings, and trust no one!