Tag: Card Game

Episode 43 Dodgy Dealers Review

In episode 43, we get a little shady in a 2-4 player game called Dodgy Dealers. Players will attempt to be the first to collect four genuine paintings made by their contracted artist. However, players are shopping around in the black market, and not every painting is as real as it seems. Avoid the forged paintings, and trust no one!

Episode 42 Emergents Genesis Review

In episode 42 we enter a world full of superheroes in the deckbuilding game called Emergents Genesis! Be the first to defeat your opponents and reduce their health to zero by growing your hand and gaining powerful cards. 

Episode 41 Band Manager Review

In episode 41, we check out a 3-5 player competitive card game called Band Manager, formerly known as Battle of the Bands. From Original Content London, Band Manager is a game in which players attempt to be the best band by gain 27 fans first. The board is a band shirt!