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The Duel: Point of Honor Review

In episode 74, I’m checking out a game arriving to Kickstarter called The Duel: Point of Honor. In this two-player card game, you and your opponent will engage in combat to be the first to earn seven Prestige. You must balance your timing and attacks to win, let’s see if we’re prepared for The Duel. …

Zombie Road Review

In episode 73, I check out a 2-4 player card game called Zombie Road, in which players are running away from zombies, trying to accumulate the miles they need to reach the zombie-free oasis.     To learn more about Zombie Road, visit www.zombieroadgame.com Music Intro and outro: Rainbow Street by Scott Holmes Playthrough: Toys …

Martial Art Review

Becoming a Shogun is no easy feat. To be the best, you have to show your worth, and what’s worth more than land and bridges in the early 1600s? In Martial Art, you are fighting your opponents for claim to the lands and bridges. Each land and bridge is worth points, and the first to twelve land points (or three bridge cards) wins Martial Art.

Episode 41 Band Manager Review

In episode 41, we check out a 3-5 player competitive card game called Band Manager, formerly known as Battle of the Bands. From Original Content London, Band Manager is a game in which players attempt to be the best band by gain 27 fans first. The board is a band shirt!