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Cassie’s Learn to Play: Tricky Tides

Welcome to the Learn to Play for Tricky Tides from Gold Seal Games! To visit a specific section, jump to the time stamps here: Introduction 0:45 Setup 1:41 Basic Game Walkthrough 5:06 Event Cards and Monster Standee Walkthrough 10:07 Tally Scores 13:17     Gold Seal Games website: http://www.goldsealgames.com Tricky Tides Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/goldsealgames/tricky-tides Music Intro …

Episode 46 Isaribi Review

In episode 46, we take a look at a pick-up-and-deliver game that plays about an hour or slightly under called Isaribi. Isaribi takes place in the Edo period of Japan, and in the game players are taking turns attempting to earn the most money, or Ryo as it known in the game, by fishing and selling their catch in the market along the coast of Tokyo.