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Cassie’s Learn to Play: Fire in the Library Solitaire Edition

Welcome to the Learn to Play for Fire in the Library, the solitaire edition! If you have not had a chance to learn the basics of Fire in the Library, I definitely recommend you *first* watch The One TAR’s How to Play video. Link is below! You can also check out the Kickstarter for Fire …

Fire in the Library Review

NOTE: Carla of Weird Giraffe Games is a member of The Indie Game Report. While my opinion remains unbiased regardless of her TIGR membership, I just want to let you know πŸ˜‰ In episode 71, I’m sharing a game with you coming to Kickstarter this month, Fire in the Library from Weird Giraffe Games, designed …

Dice of Crowns Review

In episode 58, Cassie checks out the recently released to FLGS game Dice of Crowns! Roll your way to claiming the crown, and winning the game. Just don’t get stabbed.