Episode 50 Blooper Special

Hi everyone! Welcome to my 50th episode. It’s actually more like my 65th episode, but my prior episodes were on a separate channel from many moons ago. I hope you enjoy this blooper special and stick around for my next 50 episodes. Happy holidays! 

Episode 37 Outlawed Review

In episode 37, we check out a 2-4 player bluffing card game called Outlawed! Players compete to be the best deputy applicant by rounding up the most valued outlaws, and the one to do so will be awarded the title of new deputy of Bandit Bluff!

Episode 25 Villains and Henchmen Review

In episode 25, I take a look at a 1-4 player part co-op, part-competitive game where players are villains attempting to break their fellow villain friend out of prison. The game is called Villains and Henchmen by Ravensdale Publishing, and is currently on Kickstarter!