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Episode 42 Emergents Genesis Review

In episode 42 we enter a world full of superheroes in the deckbuilding game called Emergents Genesis! Be the first to defeat your opponents and reduce their health to zero by growing your hand and gaining powerful cards. 

Episode 35 Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove Review

In episode 35, we take a look at a dark game about orphans getting taken by the boogeyman! Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove plays 2-3 players and lasts about 30 minutes. Players attempt to be the last orphan to not run out of options or commit an act of desperation that brings along the boogeyman!

Episode 32 Underlings of Underwing Review

In episode 32, I take a look at a worker placement game with a teaching element to it called Underlings of Underwing. Plays for 20-60 minutes and 1-6 players, and the game focuses on teaching color theory while players are attempting to hatch dragons by imbuing elements to dragon eggs.

12 Days of Christmas by Eagle-Gryphon Games

Happy holidays everyone! This is the last game of the year I will be sharing with you all, and I think it’s the easiest of the four games that I’ve shared this month. This game plays 3-8 players, lasts about 20 minutes, and is called 12 Days of Christmas by Eagle-Gryphon Games. The game comes …