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Episode 85 TIGR Reviews Fold

In episode 85, Cassie takes a look at the origami-themed tile placing game, fold! Be the first to place six matching tiles, and win your origami pet a home! You can get a copy of Fold for yourself by visiting The Game Crafter, at https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/fold:-origami-plains?utm_source=cassieelle Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Want The Indie …

Circuit Breaker Review

In episode 75 I check out a new Kickstarter game called Circuit Breaker from Freshwater Game Company! Circuit Breaker is a 1-3 player game in which players connect groovy appliances to their electric panels to earn points for the end of the game. How happenin’ can you make your pad?     To learn more …

StarFall Review

Gazing at the stars has been a pastime for humanity for generations. We love to seek out the brilliance sparkling in the night sky, catch as many shooting stars as we can, and sometimes, if we squint just the right way, we can see bits of ourselves in the cosmos. StarFall by Scott Almes is a game in which astronomers compete to identify cosmic wonders in hopes of creating the best portfolio and titled the most renowned astronomer.