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The Duel: Point of Honor Review

In episode 74, I’m checking out a game arriving to Kickstarter called The Duel: Point of Honor. In this two-player card game, you and your opponent will engage in combat to be the first to earn seven Prestige. You must balance your timing and attacks to win, let’s see if we’re prepared for The Duel. …

Cassie’s Learn to Play: The Neverland Rescue

Welcome to the Learn to Play for The Neverland Rescue from Letiman Games. To visit a specific section, jump to the time stamps here: Introduction 0:53 Setup 1:45 Round Walkthrough 3:20 Letiman Games’ website: www.letimangames.com The Neverland Rescue Kickstarter campaign: www.tinyurl.com/neverlandrescue Music Intro and outro: Rainbow Street by Scott Holmes

Episode 48 Heir to the Pharaoh Review

In episode 48, we time warp back to ancient Egypt to win the affections of Pharaoh in a new game from Eagle Gryphon Games called Heir to the Pharaoh. A very nice two player game that lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. Interested in adding Heir to the Pharaoh to your collection?